By SKYteam (Shoot myself) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- Islam vs terrorism

“Islam is in a prison of Muslim nationalism”- various lectures

“you can take the man out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the man”- various lectures

“all Muslims are not Arabs and all Arabs are not Muslims…all Jews are not Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews”- various lectures 

“the world is always waiting for solutions, and Islam has always provided those solutions” – we are one

“kill this racism inside of you before this racism kills you” –from the root to fruit 

“a crime is a crime whether it is done by some uneducated unsophisticated people or some very educated and sophisticated people”what do you really know about Islam

“When you sincerely blame yourself you will change yourself”-obligations on Muslims

“If we cannot beat our sheets in our beds for the Fajri prayer, you will never beat any enemies”- various lectures

“We must learn to tolerate and respect each other even if we strongly disagree”- issues diving the Ummah

“They call you to the trash but you cannot call them to the treasure”changing the world through Dawah

“you have been invited  to Dunya but you cannot invite people to Deen where are you going

“terrorism in the western world is a new terminology that just came about last 20 years, but terrorism in the world has been so blatant and diabolical for the last 200 years”- Jihad vs terrorism

“Put the cultural baggage in the back room”- obligations on Muslims

“Muslims have to reform themselves before they can reform the society”Islam vs terrorism

“don’t become so global that you don’t remove the trash from in front of your own house” Islam and terrorism

“Islam is beautiful, and Islam is so tight that they keep asking the same questions for the last 20 years, and they even don’t want the answer; they want reason to reject.”Muhammad: the man and his message

“the more you press the grapes the more juice will come…the more you hate Islam the more Islam will rise”- we are one

“you don’t have to ask your self why they were plotting to kill this man (Malcolm x), because the enemies of Allah at that time is the same enemies of Allah now”-Malcolm x

“man and woman are equal in front of god but they are not the same”- various lectures

“it is honorable to defend your country except if you are a Muslim!”- Islam vs terrorism

“if you don’t do good, how you think you are going to expect good?”-  where are you going 

 “protesting is for people who are weak in their faith”-Muhammad: the man and his message

“Poverty  was planed by the smooth criminals”- critical issues facing the world

“How can a human being  live decently with dignity and they got the burden of debt on their neck”.-one of his lectures

How would someone respond to the policeman if he is not in his uniform?  how would the people know you are Muslims unless you have the uniform of the sunnah” – one of his lectures

“ other people don’t have food, But those who have food, that is not enough. they want spice”- one of his lectures

fajri is for soldiers ”- one of his lectures

 “one eyed man is a king in the land of blinds ” – one of his lectures


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