sheikh Imran husein quotes



“Allah did not put the beard on the face of the male by accident. He put the beard on the face of the male by wisdom”- stratigic sunnah

“lust and love can not live together in the same heart ” –sexual revolution

“We differ on certain religious issues but we are brothers” –various lectures

“Governments may tolerate oppression but Allah has zero tolerance for oppression” – feminist revolution

“ paper money and electronic money are tickets to slavery”- various lectures

“Saudis are swimming in oil and yet oppress” – feminist revolution

“ I don’t subscribe to the view that the shia are kuffar” –future of muslims in india

“This religion of Islam has came to the world to eliminate oppression,  to stand up against oppression” –the feminist revolution

“ it is better to die as a man than to live as a rat” –one of his lectures

“The state of Israel is today the greatest oppressor in the world” – feminist revolution

“ The only thing that can unite the Muslims is the quran and the universally accepted sunnah ” one of his lectures

“But we never heard about a day care center until uncle sam came along with it” – feminist revolution

“To declare that anyone else possesses sovereignty is to say good bye to Allah ” – the return of mahdi

“When you put your baby in the day care center don’t cry when she puts you in the junkyard for human beings…..”

feminist revolution

“ you have to be living in the moon to believe that the Mahdi is going to be shi’i” –mahdi

 “ there are people who prefer to hold on to their US visa than to be faithful to islam” –destruction







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  • sheikh assim alhakeem quotes

    sheikh assim alhakeem quotes


    “Look around you if you have a calamity, and you will find that there are alot who have worse than your calamity”.-assim alhakeem(in times of dispire)

    “Every single letter in the quran has a purpose”

    “Our life is actually measured by day and the count down had started long time ago-the precious gift of time”

    “………… 20 men running after a ball full of air …. Buy another 19 and give each one a ball…

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    “As you live life, you are the author of your own life.”- sheikh yasir fazaga “if success in this life means failure in the next, then, it is better not to succeed” – Dr. Bilal Philips  “Death knows no age” – mufti menk “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the life is so temporary because those rocket scientist have also died.” – mufti menk “life according to the atheist is an…

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