“that is the beauty of Islam, it teaches you how to be different”- peace of mind

“the only people that remember god as much as believers are the atheists” – life worth living

“the qur’an is very much an Arabic book in that it was revealed in the language of the Arabs but it is not an Arabian book” –knowing Allah

“learning was not to make more money. it was to make a better human being”- education system

“even arrogant people do not like other arrogant people” –god consciousness

“if you knew what the prophet PBUH did for you, you would fall in love with him”- one of his lectures

“sometimes the worst thinks are our answered prayers”- peace in mind

“the world was bad enough with religion. it is going to be much worse without religion” – one of his lectures

“if you are not remembering Allah, then the shaitan (Satan) is the one you are remembering” – one of his lectures

“the prophet was human being but his strength was beyond the capacity of other human beings”- 1000 miracles of prophet Muhammad

“people today live like kings of the past” –book of knowledge

“the chaos and disorder that you see on the planet only comes from the chaos and disorder that is within us when we don’t align our selves with heavenly order” – book of knowledge

“miracles of the qur’an never cease” – 1000 miracles of prophet Muhammad

“not believing in some thing does’t mean that it does not exist”- jinns