“Islam is a comprehensive way of life. it covers you from the cradle to the grave” –do you really know Islam?

“before we talk about our differences let’s talk about our agreements” – disunity

“knowing history gives confidence to the people” –one of his lectures

“help others and Allah will help you more” –wisdom

“shariah ruled biggest country ever known in history and it has ruled a long period of time -almost 1000 years- ” –shariah barbaric or perfect

“sins are reason for destruction” –one of his lectures

 “shariah is Islam and Islam is shariah ” –Sharia barbaric or perfect

Riba is not a solution Riba will add to your problem” –one of his lectures 

 “we take our guidance from the divine but non-Muslims take their guidance from any thing but the divine ” –future of Islam in  Europe

“if you respect your self, then you will be respected” –being proactive

“the biggest reason for our weakness is our disunity” one of his lectures

 “ qur’an is perfect, is intact, is superior to any other book and and it is free from any mistake or any error” –future of  Islam in Europe

“it is impossible that we will not differ, and it is impossible that the Deen comes with no flexibility to accommodate these differences” – disunity

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  • sheikh assim alhakeem quotes

    sheikh assim alhakeem quotes


    “Look around you if you have a calamity, and you will find that there are alot who have worse than your calamity”.-assim alhakeem(in times of dispire)

    “Every single letter in the quran has a purpose”

    “Our life is actually measured by day and the count down had started long time ago-the precious gift of time”

    “………… 20 men running after a ball full of air …. Buy another 19 and give each one a ball…

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    “As you live life, you are the author of your own life.”- sheikh yasir fazaga “if success in this life means failure in the next, then, it is better not to succeed” – Dr. Bilal Philips  “Death knows no age” – mufti menk “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the life is so temporary because those rocket scientist have also died.” – mufti menk “life according to the atheist is an…

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