sheikh DR. yasir qadhi quotes

“never ever stop doing a good deed because you are sinful, because that it self is another sin ”- the quran
“there are people that profit out of selling fear” –the rise of the far right
“we are competing with each other in this dunya and the sahabah were competing with each other for the Akhirah“- lazy syndrome

“scientifically you can not proof god, but that is not a limitation on god it is a limitation on science”- one of his lectures
“The worst of people are those who never remember Allah, even at times of distress. And the best of people are those who always remember Allah, even at times of joy”- a tweet
“the qur’an is Allah’s speech, the intellect is Allahs gift, and it is impossible that Allah’s gift will contradict Allah’s speech”- one of his lectures
“it is impossible to understand the reality of sihr (black magic) without understanding the reality of jinn (spirit)”- the reality of sihr
“The most important source of practical knowledge is life itself”- an article
“you have to be uneducated to be a racist”- the rise of the far right
“if you are not going to find happiness in the actions of worship, then, this is a symptom that heart is hard”- spiritual heart
“Take advantage of your health and energy while you can”- an article
“no civilization can claim a monopoly on virtue”- the rise of the far right
“the life of an Afghani is not cheaper than the life of an American”- spiritual heart
“beauty is the attempt to be beautiful”- one of his lectures
isa never heard the name “jesus” in his whole life, and if you said jesus to jesus he would not know you are talking to him because the letter ” J” did not exist in Aramaic”- jesus in islam
“never ever ever fight magic with magic because it only get you more magic”- the reality of sihr
“if merely teaching and studying actual sihr (black magic) becomes kufr (disbelief), then how about believing and practicing it”- the reality of sihr
“we don’t base our religion on folklore and legend”-the reality of jinn
“originally, shi’ism was not a theology. it was a political movement”- the mahdi between fact and fiction
“No one – and I mean no one – will ever love you, or care for you, or be as concerned for your welfare, as your parents. Cherish them in every way possible for as long as you have the opportunity to do so”- an article
“for us, the word of Allah is more scientific than any scientific fact that we have”- Islam and evolution