sheikh assim alhakeem quotes

“instead of cursing the darkness light a candle” – you can make a difference
“the more faith you have in Allah the more you will find the results immediately” – mercy to mankind
“a wise person rides wealth and money. a person who is not so wise has the wealth and money riding him”- get rich or die trying.

“things can improve if we have a positive look at life”- people of authority.
“when you have aqeedah in your heart you fear nothing. but when you don’t have aqeedah in your heart you fear every thing”- lord of the worlds.
“Fidel Castro has a long beard. the length of your beard doesn’t mean the length of your imaan”- killing innocent people
“those who are content are always having the best time of their lives even if they were the poorest on earth”- get rich or die trying.
“never ever think that there is a punishment in Islam that is taken care by individuals. it is to be taken care by the Muslim ruler”- killing innocent people
“the prophet used to say ” o Bilal relief us with salat”, nowadays we say ” o Bilal relief us from salat”- one of his lectures
“they call it smart phones but i call it stupid phones”- peer pressure
“gain money, get rich provided that the money is in your hand, not in your heart”-get rich or die trying.

“Look around you if you have a calamity, and you will find that there are a lot who have worse than your calamity”.-in times of despair

“Every single letter in the qur’an has a purpose”- one of his lectures

“Our life is actually measured by days and the countdown had started long time ago”-the precious gift of time

“20 men running after a ball full of air !… Buy another 19 and give each one a ball why fight over it?” the precious gift of time

“what is the crime of the time so you would kill it?” one of his lectures

Never play around with prayers (salat )-the precious gift of time

“the qur’an is not for blessing and decoration of the house or the room it is to be followed ” –tranquility

“ half man is better than no man” – marriage