shaykh khalid yasin quotesShaykh Abu Muhammad Khalid Yasin (born in 1946) is an American revert from Christianity to Islaam who lectures in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Yasin frequently travels overseas to spread Islaam. He has called himself a “media-bedouin,” remarking that the bedouins are willing to settle wherever there is “water and shelter”. Yasin is outspoken about a variety of issues in his speeches and media appearances.

Khalid Yasin was born in Harlem, New York and raised in Brooklyn as a Christian along with nine siblings. Although not an orphan, he grew up in foster homes from the age of three, along with some of his siblings, until he was fifteen. He describes each foster home as having a different Christian denomination, so he covered a wide spectrum of Christianity. He was put up for adoption due to his family’s financial state.

Yasin has described his youth in “the ghetto”, where it was “Me and my two brothers Sam and Julius, against the world. We had nothing but converting and accepting Islaam now we have everything”. When first reading about Islaam, he often used Encyclopedia Britannica as a reliable source on Islaam and its concepts. Yasin felt the grief of African-American people, and he was especially influenced by the turbulent 1960’s and figures like el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X).

Khalid reverted to Islaam in 1965 with the late Shaykh Daud Ahmed Faisal, of the Islamic Mission of America, the same year Malcolm X was assassinated. He began his ministry as the “Amir” or leader of Jammat Ita’hadul Iqwa on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

The Shakyh has studied over the course of thirty years, in several places, including Madinah, Saudi Arabia and Cairo, Egypt and has had many mentors and teachers who tutored him Fiqh as-Sunnah, Fiqh us-Seerah, Islamic History, ‘Aqeedah, Ahkaam, memorization and recitation of the Qur’aan, Islamic History, and the Arabic Language, with several well known teachers and mentors. His main teacher is Shaykh Khalid Al-Halwaany of Makkah, Mukarramah, who is a student of Shaykh Safar Hawaaly, who is one of the leading scholars in the world today.

Khalid Yasin delivered a lecture in Saudi Arabia in 1994 titled “The Purpose of Life”, which resulted in 43 persons accepting Islaam on that very night. Khalid Yasin constantly tours the world delivering lectures aimed at removing distortions about Islaam and Muslims, conducting Da’wah Training Courses, and providing new Muslims with a specially designed Islamic Training Program. Khalid Yasin is committed to raising the consciousness of the Muslims to fulfil the responsibility of Da’wah and the establishment of Islamic revival, Inshaa’Allaah.

The Shaykh has dedicated the last thirty-five years removing misconceptions about Islaam and Muslims. He has delivered lectures in more than sixty-one countries worldwide, resulting in nearly 40,000 persons embracing Islaam directly from his hands (bi-idhnillaahi ta ‘Ala) and Allaah (‘Azza wa Jal) Knows Best as to the exact numbers. However, these figures have been corroborated through many sources. There are thousands of people around the world who have embraced Islaam after listening to his over one-hundred recorded lectures.

There are hundreds of students in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, and The United States, who have completed the Da’wah Techniques, Da’wah Management, and Islaam 101 courses, three of the most powerful and effective courses offered by the Purpose of Life Foundation.

The Shaykh has dedicated himself in the past ten years to advising young Muslims, especially those who are minorities living in Western societies towards citizenship and social responsibility. He has been constantly working towards the revival of Islaam in the world and the uplifting the consciousness of Muslims.

Discussing his leisure time, Yasin said, “I’m a fairly avid horseman, I swim, martial arts, I box, I read quite a bit. Probably once every two years I visit Makkah and I cleanse myself spiritually by performing the ‘Umrah or the Hajj…”