“Islam is the only way to establish true peace”- towards more peaceful society

“being a Muslim is not only about praying 5 times a day, but it is about accepting every thing in the Qur’an”- coca cola Muslim generation

“Peace is the product of Islam”-Islam: the misunderstood religion

“You never know what Islam is like until you actually live Islam”-Islam: the true religion of god

“Being a Muslim means: Allah comes first”-Islam and democracy

“if the mobile phone needs a human being to make it, the human being is even more in need of a creator”-towards a more peaceful society

“it is being made a crime to hate the crime”-Islam and democracy

“they want you to stop being slave to Allah and to start being slave to them. that is what they call freedom. it is not freedom. it is the worst type of slavery”-curse of the consumer society

“democracy has nothing to do with Islam and Islam has nothing to do with democracy”-  coca cola muslim generation
“the problem is not the burning of the qur’an, the issue is the insult intended”-  the quran: learn it don’t burn it
“ my life before islam was misery with a moment of enjoyment” – one of his lectures
“ the worst colonization is not the colonization of your lands, it is the colonization of your minds” – one of his lectures
“ unless we define the nature of the women and unless we understand the nature of the women, then we can never make a judgment as to whether any religion or ideology oppresses her or liberates her” – one of his lectures