quotes about “islam” part 2

“Islam is more a way of life than a religion” – mufti menk
“The solution of mankind is Islam” – mufti menk
“If people say Islam and romance are two different things, that is not true, Islam is a religion but we are taught to be romantic with the right people.”- mufti menk
“one of the most common misconceptions about Islam is that it is only a religion while as a matter of fact it is a religion and constitutional law at the same time ”- ustad nouman ali khan
“Islam is the glasses that we put on to see the entire world”- hamza tzortzis

“Islam is not just a religion. it IS what we call deen in Arabic which means a way of life”- hamza tzortzis
“This religion of Islam has came to the world to eliminate oppression.  to stand up against oppression” – sheikh imran hosein
“the message of Islam because it is the truth, it will win over” – Dr. bilal philips
“ you can change some muslims. You can change governments. But you can not change islam” – Dr. bilal philips
“the world is always waiting for solutions, and Islam has always provided those solutions” – sheikh khalid yasin
“the more you press the grapes the more juice will come…the more you hate Islam the more Islam will rise”- sheikh khalid yasin
“When there is depression in your home blame your self don’t blame Islam”- mufti menk
“never ever think that there is a punishment in Islam that is taken care by individuals. it is to be taken care by the Muslim ruler”- sheikh assim alhakeem
“Mark my words.  if islam is going to do anything in next 100 years, it is going to save humankind from economic destruction”- hamza tzortzis
“ there are people who prefer to hold on to their US visa than to be faithful to islam” – sheikh imran hosein
“the quran has had a great impact on history, it changed the lives of countless millions of people who embraced Islam” – Dr. jamal badawi
“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- sheikh khalid yasin
“Islam means: to do what Allah wants you to do rather than obeying your self”- sheikh yusuf estes
“we ca not talk about establishing a harmonious Islamic society until we have hormone inside the household”- ustad nouman ali khan