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“being a Muslim is not only about praying 5 times a day, but it is about accepting every thing in the Qur’an”- sheikh abdur raheem green
“the problem is not the burning of the quran, the issue is the insult intended”-  sheikh abdur raheem green
“you can burn all copies of the quran in the world. you can erase any manuscript, but the quran will remain” – Dr. jamal badawi

“the quran has had a great impact on history, it changed the lives of countless millions of people who embraced Islam” – Dr. jamal badawi
“the quran is not a book of science, it is a book of signs” – Dr. zakir naik
“1400 has passed and the quran remains the same ” – Dr. bilal philips
“there is nothing in the bible that contradicts the teachings of the quran except where the bible contradicts it self”- sheikh yusuf estes
“the book of Allah has solutions for all times. This is book of guidance that will last forever ”- ustad nouman ali khan
“How can you look for solutions to your problems when you have not yet opened the book of all solutions- the quran” – mufti menk
“the Quran is guidance for all human ”- ustad nouman ali khan
“Don’t think Quran is not strong enough to respond those things (the allegations), we didn’t study deep enough to respond those things”- ustad nouman ali khan
“The Quran is incredible, the more you study it the more open minded you become”- ustad nouman ali khan
“every human expression can be emulated but the Quran cannot ” – hamza tzortzis
“ The only thing that can unite the Muslims is the quran and the universally accepted sunnah ” – shieikh imran husein
“Every single letter in the qur’an has a purpose”- sheikh assim alhakeem
“the qur’an is not for blessing and decoration of the house or the room it is to be followed ” – sheikh assim alhakeem
“the quran is the miracle of miracles” – Dr. zakir naik
“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- sheikh khalid yasin

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  • sheikh assim alhakeem quotes

    sheikh assim alhakeem quotes


    “Look around you if you have a calamity, and you will find that there are alot who have worse than your calamity”.-assim alhakeem(in times of dispire)

    “Every single letter in the quran has a purpose”

    “Our life is actually measured by day and the count down had started long time ago-the precious gift of time”

    “………… 20 men running after a ball full of air …. Buy another 19 and give each one a ball…

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    “As you live life, you are the author of your own life.”- sheikh yasir fazaga “if success in this life means failure in the next, then, it is better not to succeed” – Dr. Bilal Philips  “Death knows no age” – mufti menk “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the life is so temporary because those rocket scientist have also died.” – mufti menk “life according to the atheist is an…

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