By Muhammad Mahdi Karim [GFDL 1.2  

“Islam is unique in that it is not the name of a place. it is not the name of a people. it is the name representing the essence of the religion it’s self” – is there a true religion?

 “if success in this life means failure in the next, then, it is better not to succeed” – 7 habits of truly successful people

 “Islam is the true way of life because of what it contains. it has nothing to do with Muslims practice” – the oneness of god

 “the message of Islam because it is the truth, it will win over” – behind the enemy lines

 “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” – is there a true religion?

 “if there were to be an original sin,  it would be that of pride” – deviation of the ummah

“ you can change some muslims. You can change governments. But you can not change islam” – one of his lectures

“1400 has passed and the quran remains the same ” –one of his lectures

“sufism and shi’ism are the two sides of the same coin”-extremism

“the sunnah of the prophet PBUB is not just what he did, but also what he didn’t do” – one of his lectures