“Islam is the real solution for this planet” – devil’s deception in the new world order

“a people without a history, have no direction for the future” – reviving the Islamic spirit

“Islam is not just a religious dogma, but it is a civilization; it is a way of life”- the dilemma of the Muslim youth today

“Islam not only deals with the theoretical aspects of life , but also the practical aspects” – Islam: past present and future

“how can you discover a place when the people have lived there for over 10,000 years? ( Christopher Columbus)” – reviving the Islamic spirit

“Islam is going to stay and people will go” – islam : past present and future

“Islam is not a religion of terrorism, but it is a religion of peace and it is the solution for the world crisis today” – reviving the the Islamic spirit

“before 9/11 chuck Norris was chasing us” – develi’s deception in the new world order