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quotes about “qur’an”

“being a Muslim is not only about praying 5 times a day, but it is about accepting every thing in the Qur’an”- sheikh abdur raheem green
“the problem is not the burning of the quran, the issue is the insult intended”-  sheikh abdur raheem green
“you can burn all copies of the quran in the world. you can erase any manuscript, but the quran will remain” – Dr. jamal badawi

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quotes about “the prophet” and “the sunnah”

“To reject Mohammad ( PBUH) is like rejecting your own mother, because you can’t proof that your mother gave birth to you”- hamza tzortzis
“the prophet used to say ” o bilal relief us with salat”. nowadays we say ” o bilal relief us from salat”- sheikh assim alhakeem
“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- shaykh khalid yasinRead More »

quotes about “Allah”

“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- sheikh khalid yasin
“you don’t have to ask your self why they were plotting to kill this man (Malcolm x), because the enemies of Allah at that time is the same enemies of Allah now”-sheikh khalid yasin
“man and woman are equal in front of god but they are not the same”- sheikh khalid yasin
“Being a Muslim means: Allah comes first”- sheikh abdurraheem green
“if the mobile phone needs a human being to make it, the human being is even more in need of a creator”-sheikh abdurraheem greenRead More »

sheikh assim alhakeem quotes

“instead of cursing the darkness light a candle” – you can make a difference
“the more faith you have in Allah the more you will find the results immediately” – mercy to mankind
“a wise person rides wealth and money. a person who is not so wise has the wealth and money riding him”- get rich or die trying.

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sheikh Imran husein quotes



“Allah did not put the beard on the face of the male by accident. He put the beard on the face of the male by wisdom”- stratigic sunnah

“lust and love can not live together in the same heart ” –sexual revolution

“We differ on certain religious issues but we are brothers” –various lectures

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hamza tzortzis quotes

“Islam is the glasses that we put on to see the entire world”- Islam and the west

“Mark my words. if islam is going to do anything in next 100 years, it is going to save humankind from economic destruction”- various lectures

“Capitalism is a disease”- one of his lectures

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ustadh nouman ali khan quotes

By Rossi101 (During a conference at New York)

“too much confidence becomes arrogance and not enough confident becomes weakness  ” – adam and eve

“it is not only what you say it is how you say it ” surat rahman

“Instead of doing research on the mistakes of someone why don’t you go help your mother cook”- in need of wisdom

“the Quran is guidance for all human ”- one of his lectures

“We cannot separate ourselves from our history.  where we are today is the product of a lot of events that have taken place and if we don’t understand those events and what got us here then we are not gonna be able to understand  how to move forward”- our future as American MuslimsRead More »

mufti Ismail menk quotes





“Islam is more a way of life than a religion” – Islam distinguished.

“When there is depression in your home blame your self don’t blame Islam”- the confused Muslim today.

“How can you look for solutions to your problems when you have not yet opened the book of all solutions- the quran” – deviationist  tendencies in Islamic believes, thoughts, and practices.Read More »


yusuf-estes quotes“Islam means: to do what Allah wants you to do rather than obeying your self” various lectures

“Islam is the only thing that offers proof for every thing it says”-  why the west needs Islam

“if you don’t fear Allah, you fear what he created”- Islam vs terrorism

“Islam teaches us that human beings are born innocent not guilty”- Jesus and his message

“there is nothing in the bible that contradicts the teachings of the quran except where the bible contradicts it self”- various lecturesRead More »


husain yee“Islam is not only for the Arabs or Muslims. Islam is for all mankind” – various lectures

“ our heart is the same..all hearts are one colour… there is no black heart , white heart…” – Muhammad mercy to mankind

“it is not difficult to be a good person. to be a bad person is harder. I think  it is easier to apply to come this university than to apply to go  to prison” – how to be a good Muslim

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