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sheikh DR. yasir qadhi biography

From what I have gathered online, sheikh DR. yasir Qadhi was born in 1975 in Houston, Texas and completed his primary and secondary education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
he is muslim Theologian & Scholar.

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sheikh Haitham Alhaddad biography

Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad was born in Saudi Arabia and studied under the noble Sheikhs Ibn Baz and Ibn Jibreen. He attained a BSc in Law & Islamic Law from Umdurman University, Khartoum, Sudan.Read More »

sheikh assim alhakeem biography

Sheikh Assim bin Luqman al-Hakeem was born in 1962 in the city of Al-Khobar, which lies in the east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was raised there until the age of 12 before he and his family moved to the Western Province of Saudi Arabia, to the city of Jeddah. The city of Jeddah is the gateway to the two Holy Mosques, with Makkah being about 85-90 kilometers away and Madinah, where the Mosque of the Prophet salla Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam is located, being 400 kilometers away. Sheikh Assim was there with Huda TV at the channel’s initial stages and he was also the first Sheikh of Ask Huda. He used to be an Imam in Jeddah before but since this is a kind of job that requires dedication and devotion, time does not permit him to be a full-time Imam now, so he only delivers the Friday Sermon.Read More »


according to his website,  sheikh imran hosein  was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 from parents whose ancestors had migrated as indentured laborer from India.

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Hamza Tzortzis biography

HAMZA ANDREAS TZORTZIS was born 1980 in -as online sources say-  london, uk, and he is Greek origin.

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ustadh nouman ali khan biography


according to an article published on, nouman ali khan was born in 1978 and according to some other sources, he was born in Berlin Germany where he spent his early childhood in different countries like Germany, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA.Read More »


Mufti Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He was tutored by his father who is a well known scholar .

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sheikh yusuf estes biography

yusuf-estes quotes

Yusuf Estes, born 1 January 1944 in Ohio, grew up in Texas), is an American convert to Islam and former National Muslim Chaplain for the United States Bureau of Prisons and Delegate to the United Nations World Peace Conference for Religious Leaders.
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dr. bilal-philips quotesDr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who converted to Islam in the early seventies after journeying politically and intellectually from Christianity to Communism. Shortly after his reversion to Islam, he embarked on a spiritual academic journey to the other side of the world seeking Islamic knowledge. This journey took him to Saudi Arabia where he completed a BA in Islamic studies in Madeenah, and an MA in Islamic Theology in Riyadh, then to the University of Wales, UK, where he completed a PhD in Islamic Theology in the early nineties.Read More »

imam yassir fazaga biography

yassir_fazaga QUOTESImam Yasser was born in Eritea in northeast Africa and moved to the USA at the age of 15. Upon graduating high school, he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Islamic Studies from the Imam Saud University Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Virginia. He has finished work for his Masters in Psychotherapy at California State, Long Beach and has a PhD in Psychology. He is currently a professor at the American Open University in Alexandria, Virginia and the Imam at the Orange County Islamic Foundation in Mission Viejo, where he teaches religious education classes and leads the youth group.Read More »