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quotes about “islam” part 2

“Islam is more a way of life than a religion” – mufti menk
“The solution of mankind is Islam” – mufti menk
“If people say Islam and romance are two different things, that is not true, Islam is a religion but we are taught to be romantic with the right people.”- mufti menk
“one of the most common misconceptions about Islam is that it is only a religion while as a matter of fact it is a religion and constitutional law at the same time ”- ustad nouman ali khan
“Islam is the glasses that we put on to see the entire world”- hamza tzortzis

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quotes about “islam” part 1

 “Islam is about a set of believes, those believes must manifest them selves in a set of rituals, these rituals must have an impact on the character of the individual , the character of the individual must manifest it self when we deal with other people”- imam yassir fazaga
“the beauty of Islam is when Islam is implemented”- imam yassir fazaga
“Islam is in a prison of Muslim nationalism”- sheikh khalid yasin

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quotes about “qur’an”

“being a Muslim is not only about praying 5 times a day, but it is about accepting every thing in the Qur’an”- sheikh abdur raheem green
“the problem is not the burning of the quran, the issue is the insult intended”-  sheikh abdur raheem green
“you can burn all copies of the quran in the world. you can erase any manuscript, but the quran will remain” – Dr. jamal badawi

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quotes about “the prophet” and “the sunnah”

“To reject Mohammad ( PBUH) is like rejecting your own mother, because you can’t proof that your mother gave birth to you”- hamza tzortzis
“the prophet used to say ” o bilal relief us with salat”. nowadays we say ” o bilal relief us from salat”- sheikh assim alhakeem
“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- shaykh khalid yasinRead More »

quotes about “Allah”

“Islam is a system established by Allah, verified by the Quran, manifested by the life of the prophet PBUH, and Islam is a better way”- sheikh khalid yasin
“you don’t have to ask your self why they were plotting to kill this man (Malcolm x), because the enemies of Allah at that time is the same enemies of Allah now”-sheikh khalid yasin
“man and woman are equal in front of god but they are not the same”- sheikh khalid yasin
“Being a Muslim means: Allah comes first”- sheikh abdurraheem green
“if the mobile phone needs a human being to make it, the human being is even more in need of a creator”-sheikh abdurraheem greenRead More »

sheikh assim alhakeem biography

Sheikh Assim bin Luqman al-Hakeem was born in 1962 in the city of Al-Khobar, which lies in the east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was raised there until the age of 12 before he and his family moved to the Western Province of Saudi Arabia, to the city of Jeddah. The city of Jeddah is the gateway to the two Holy Mosques, with Makkah being about 85-90 kilometers away and Madinah, where the Mosque of the Prophet salla Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam is located, being 400 kilometers away. Sheikh Assim was there with Huda TV at the channel’s initial stages and he was also the first Sheikh of Ask Huda. He used to be an Imam in Jeddah before but since this is a kind of job that requires dedication and devotion, time does not permit him to be a full-time Imam now, so he only delivers the Friday Sermon.Read More »

sheikh assim alhakeem quotes

“instead of cursing the darkness light a candle” – you can make a difference
“the more faith you have in Allah the more you will find the results immediately” – mercy to mankind
“a wise person rides wealth and money. a person who is not so wise has the wealth and money riding him”- get rich or die trying.

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according to his website,  sheikh imran hosein  was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 from parents whose ancestors had migrated as indentured laborer from India.

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sheikh Imran husein quotes



“Allah did not put the beard on the face of the male by accident. He put the beard on the face of the male by wisdom”- stratigic sunnah

“lust and love can not live together in the same heart ” –sexual revolution

“We differ on certain religious issues but we are brothers” –various lectures

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Hamza Tzortzis biography

HAMZA ANDREAS TZORTZIS was born 1980 in -as online sources say-  london, uk, and he is Greek origin.

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